MABOI Upcoming Events

All, with the recent developments that we are all experiencing as the COVID – 19 virus progresses, we will be postponing all educational events until further notice. If you have registered for an event and would like a refund, please request it through the Eventbrite page for that event. We do anticipate all events to take place at a later time so if you would like to remain registered you may do so.

We have two social events scheduled, Night out at the shooting range, and the annual golf tournament. As of this moment, we are leaving these events scheduled and will update as necessary.

As a community of persons that are dedicated to protecting life, safety, and welfare of the public, we are all going through a difficult time. Deciding what is best for our communities versus what is best for our employees has been a goal that is changing daily, if not hourly for most of us. From the Board of Directors to all of you, please protect yourselves, stay safe, stay healthy.