IBC Plan Review II Online | Forest Park Community College | MUST SIGN UP THIS WEEK!

Members, I have received an urgent call to sign up for this program or it is in jeopardy of being canceled forever.

If you have already completed the Plan Review I I  course, then please disregard this notice.

If you haven’t, then I urge you to register immediately for this class, as it is in serious jeopardy of being canceled due to a lack of students.  This is the DO OR DIE week because the course starts next week.  

I was told yesterday that if this class gets canceled, then the school administration may just cancel the entire building inspection program, believing there no longer is enough interest to maintain it. 


After opening the above link, choose: Pick “Credit Fall 2021“, then “Online“, then “BIC Building Inspection Technology“, and then “BIC 204: Plan Review II (Structural)”.  This class will cover the last half of the 2018 IBC. 

Unless this has changed, the school offers half-price tuition for students 60 years and over, but it probably requires an In-Person registration.

Those who do not have all the prerequisites will need FIRST to contact Tom McGovern for an override(s) before trying to register:  [email protected]

MABOI Fall Conference | Margaritaville | October 14th-16th, 2021 – Updated Information

MABOI members,

We have the conference instructors secured and the resort committed to the dates. You will not be able to make room reservations at our discounted rate until August 21st, we will send out an email when that time arrives.

Training Schedule

Thursday             12pm – 4pm       2021 Existing Building Code Update


Track 1                  IBC Updates from 2015 – 2021    Day 1 of 2

Track 2                  IRC Updates from 2015 – 2021    Day 1 of 2


Track 1                  IBC Updates from 2015 – 2021    Day 2 of 2

Track 2                  IRC Updates from 2015 – 2021    Day 2 of 2

Member registration fee: $250

Room cost without tax: $124 per night

Again, this is for informational, planning, and budgeting purposes. There will be updates as we receive them until we have our Eventbrite registration available.

House Bill 489

All, Tim Schmitz from ICC will be speaking next Tuesday in favor of this bill to a special House committee. I will simply copy his email and documents. If you do support this measure, please let it be known.

Good afternoon,

I wanted to let you know that I will be attending the House Special Committee on Small Business next Tuesday afternoon in Jefferson City.  They are scheduled to hear HB489 which I will testify in favor of.  The Bill states that any community/county in Missouri that elects to regulate pools/spas, shall use the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.  It allows for updates to the code as well as local Amendments.

This Bill came about from pool contractors who have seen some rather interesting construction over the years.  They would like to see a model code used in any community that regulates pools and spas.   This will allow consistency in design and construction, not to mention the safety built into the Code for the consumer.

I’m attaching a few documents for your review in case you are interested in this legislation.  The Bill is here and is extremely similar to legislation that was signed into law in Texas in ’19.  If you would like to show your support for this Bill, the link to submit your comments is here.

Back by Popular Demand 📺 The Last House Standing Documentary.

Due to popular demand, we’ve opened up the ability to view The Last House Standing documentary for those who have missed it. This free viewing is available until 2/14!


Please feel free to request a recording of our live Q&A session with the Director, George Siegal, and industry experts, Brock Long, Joel May and Tom Little by clicking the link below.



Utilize our complimentary Flood Plans Review service by filling out the plans submittal form HERE or contact a Certified Floodplain Manager with any questions by calling 800-507-0865.

By utilizing our vast catalog of flood protection products, we can provide multiple solutions to fit your clients’ needs for both commercial and residential projects. Our plan review service also checks for FEMA and building flood code compliance.

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