Training Opportunity – School Safety Assessments

Training Opportunity – School Safety Assessments

The Missouri Seismic Safety Commission is leading an effort to improve earthquake readiness in Missouri schools.  The New Madrid Seismic Zone, the most active earthquake zone east of the Rocky Mountains, is centered in southeast Missouri.  If a big earthquake occurs, many older school buildings will be hard hit.

The commission is training structural engineers, architects and construction professionals to conduct FEMA P-154 “Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards” in school buildings.  These screenings are completely free of charge to participating schools, and include a full report with assessments and recommendations.

We’re looking for qualified professionals to assess schools.  There is no charge for this one-day training, and professional development hours will be provided by participating organizations.  After your training, you’ll be asked to volunteer for a school assessment, with a time commitment of 1-2 days.  Several schools will be scheduled for assessments throughout the year.  Travel expenses will be reimbursed.


                        Time:              9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

                        Date:               Friday, March 31, 2017

                        Location:        The Timbres of Eureka

                                                1 Coffey Park Lane

                                                Eureka, Mo.



Register for the training at

If you have questions, please contact Jeff Briggs, earthquake program manager for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency, at 573-526-9232 or [email protected].