IABO Scholarship to the 2016 ICC Code Hearings in Kansas City

The International Association of Building Officials (IABO) is offering scholarship to attend the upcoming hearings.

You do not have to be a member of IABO to receive a scholarship at this time, membership may end up being part of the scholarship.  They currently have 30 scholarships left.  All you have to do is agree to the guidelines and submit the application.  Primarily, attend at least six hours of hearings each day you are there, and they will pay for transportation, food and lodging up to $2,000.00.  You do have to submit receipts.  This scholarship is a good way for Missouri to have a good showing at the hearings without killing your budget.  This scholarship does not cover the conference, just the hearings. It can work well for supplementing the hearings with the conference.

Question from the ICC

icc-logoICC Regional Manager, Tim Schmitz, is collecting some information and asks the question:

Has your jurisdiction removed the floor membrane protections in a NON-SPRINKLERED single family dwelling from your IRC provisions?  This is referenced in the ’12 R501.3 and the ’15 R302.13 sections.

Please send your response to him directly at [email protected].

ICC ABM in Kansas City is Seeking Volunteers

16-12534_2016_KC_HomePg_Ad_317x328_v1If you would like to volunteer to help at the Kansas City ABM, the organizers are looking for volunteers:

“Volunteers – If you know of anyone who can help at the Expo booth, please direct them to Tamara Hagerman. Her email is [email protected]. She needs the volunteer’s name and email address. Tamara will also be taking orders for t-shirts for those that will be volunteering. Attached is a layout of the volunteer shirt. As you sign up to volunteer, please let Tamara know your shirt size. Please keep in mind that volunteers can attend all of the events associated with the ABM except for those with meals, such as luncheons and the awards dinner. ICC is willing to offer us a reduce rate for meals but we will need to turn a head count prior to the ABM for this. “




Not to Membership: CEUs for Training

MABOI Membership, I am reviewing the results of the recent survey, specifically training.  Based on the responses, I wanted to make a couple of comments:

  1. Each and every MABOI seminar earns you ICC CEUs toward renewing your certifications.  MABOI is an association based on education, and we understand education needs to be beneficial to retaining certifications.  If we offer a course in which we cannot offer CEUs, that course will be indicated so in the flyer.
  2. Each and every MABOI seminar earns you “Preferred Provider” CEUs toward renewing your certifications.  The ICC now requires a certain percentage of your courses used to renew your certification to be “preferred provider”.  MABOI is a “preferred provider” and will complete all paperwork necessary to obtain approval for the course.  Every course sponsored by MABOI so far in 2016 was taught by the ICC; therefore, the ICC is the preferred provider that registered the course.  The July firestopping class will be the first 2016 course where MABOI is the preferred provider.
  3. The focus of the 2015/2016 education seminars has been the transition from 2009 to 2015 codes.  As we finish the 2016 year, many of the courses offered will continue to be focused on the transition from 2009 to 2015.  Next year, we will be focusing on some other areas specifically and providing some training related to more specific topics.

As Education Chair, I am always open for questions or recommendations.


Jared Agee

MABOI Education Chair

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