Congratulations to Mike Pavlakes: 2016 Recipient of the Louis Stoppleman Award

MABOI–on occasion–recognizes individuals for their outstanding service to the organization in the form of the Louis Stoppleman Award.

The Board of Directors decided to honor Mike Pavlakes of the City of Lake Saint Louis with that award this year.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Pavlakes was unable to attend the annual banquet where we typical honor members.  In lieu of this situation, MABOI honored him at the next education event.

Mike Pavlakes is the Chief Building Official for Lake Saint Louis, served with the MABOI Board of Directors for over 15 years, and was the President of the organization in 2002.

Congratulations Mike.  Thank you for your efforts.


Mike Pavlakes receives the Louis Stoppleman Award from the 2016 President, Gregory Tate