Are you an active SAVE member? If so, don’t forget to update your membership

Dear Missouri SAVE Coalition Member:


This note is being sent to all SAVE members as part of a complete review of Coalition membership.  We need to determine whether you’re an active SAVE member, and whether you’re enrolled in Show-Me Response, our deployment database.  Details on some members are out of date; we want to confirm active members and their information so we’re ready in case an emergency deployment is needed.

Are you enrolled in the Show-Me Response database?  All active members are now required to have an account in this database; it allows you to update contact information, and us to immediately contact you in an emergency.  This is also the only database SAVE will use for communication going forward.  Please create an account at If you already have an account, please log in and confirm your information.  Select “SAVE Coalition” as your organization.  Be sure to fill out the fields completely (all phone numbers, email, mailing address, driver’s license number, height/weight/hair color/eye color, etc.  We don’t need your social security number, though.  This database is secure; we don’t share your information with any outside sources.

Is your membership expired?  All SAVE memberships last three years; your expiration date is on your card.  If you are expired, you can attend an upcoming class to get re-certified.  Register here:  If you haven’t expired yet, you have the option of taking a re-certification test online at

We need to hear from you; if we can’t determine that you’re an active member, we’ll remove you from the SAVE membership roster.