Sunroom basics based on the 2018 I Codes | FREE WEBINAR | April 29, 2021, @ 9 am-10 am

This is a free webinar and is available to anyone. There are .1 C.E.U. allowances for this course.


1. Learning about the National Sunroom Association scope and mission.

2. Overviewing various sunroom examples.

3. Understanding the content of the AAMA/NSA 2100 standard, referenced in the IRC, toward code enforcement application

Course description

1. Overview of the NSA

2. Photos of sunroom examples

3. AAMA/NSA 2100 content – terminology, categories, performance spec’s, structural/thermal/general requirements

4. Code applications to sunroom categories

5. Applicable 2018 IRC/IECC content

Instructor: Joe Hetzel


Joe Hetzel has been the NSA Technical Advisor since 2018.  He has 25 years of association technical experience.  He was hired by Thomas Associates in 1996 as the Associate Director of Technical Services, retiring in 2020.  During his tenure with the company, he immediately became the Technical Director of the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association, and in 2010 also became the Technical Advisor to the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.  Joe graduated from Cleveland State University in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and has been a registered professional engineer since 1984.  Before his association technical work, Joe had 17 years of design experience in environmental engineering, architectural detailing and design, and for a sunroom manufacturer.