St Louis Community College | Online course in its former Building Inspection Curriculum (BIC)

The St Louis Community College at Forest Park is offering an Online course in its former Building Inspection Curriculum (BIC) program. (see below)

Since it is entirely “Online”, anyone, anywhere can take this course, as long as you have a computer with internet.  In addition to contacting Admissions to begin the process to become a student (unless you are already), you will likely need to contact the Program Coordinator, Tom McGovern, to request whatever overrides you need for the “Prerequisites” listed below.

An admission prerequisite, “New Student Orientation” can also be overridden by Mr. McGovern, since it is geared for new students who are entering a degree program, not just taking a class.  Once you have been admitted into the college, and have prerequisites overridden, you will be able to actually “Register” for the course.

BIC 200 (section 201) – Plumbing and Mechanical Inspection     CRN  33819
An introduction to the theory of residential and commercial, industrial, and institutional details of plumbing systems, safety principles, heating, cooling and ventilation, layouts, and code inspection problems. Prerequisites: MTH 124, PSI 101, and Reading Proficiency.    4.000 Credit hours   Dates:  Aug 24  thru  Dec 20   F.Y.I.   Courses at the college are accredited and can be used toward a degree or certificate, and can also meet a percentage of c.e.u.s you may need for an ICC Certification Renewal.   Below are some helpful links:   The course instructor will be:  Bill Walterscheid, PE. Assistant Division Manager Code Enforcement at St. Louis County Dept of Public Works. (314) 615-7145 [work]   Contact Info for the Program Coordinator, Tom McGovern:  [email protected]       (314) 513-4313  [work].   If you need more information or help, feel free to contact Joe Kovac, Course Facilitator:   [email protected]    (314) 622-5652