Plumbing and Mechanical Inspection course | St. Louis Community College | Beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Beginning Wednesday January 19, 2022, Bill Walterscheid, with St. Louis County Government will again be teaching the BIC-200 Plumbing and Mechanical Inspection course, online, through the St. Louis Community College.

The information concerning this course is available on their website by going to the “Interactive Class Schedule“:  (copied below)

This course requires two prerequisites, which probably no one has, so in order to Register, you must first contact Tom McGovern and secure overrides for both courses.

Prerequisites: MTH 124, PSI 101 and Reading Proficiency

Tom Can be reached at:  [email protected]

                                     (314) 513-4313  

Bill can be reached at:    [email protected]

                                     (314) 615-7145  (work)

                    or             [email protected]

The course will use two textbooks:  2018 IPC  +  2018  IMC; i.e.,  The 2018 Plumbing and Mechanical codes.   Also, Chapter 24, (the Fuel Gas section) of the 2018 IRC may be used.

If prospective students have questions/problems, they may contact either of the above listed persons.

Interactive Class Schedule 
Status: CL – Closed, RE – Restricted Meeting: (M)onday, (T)uesday, (W)ednesday, Thu(R)sday, (F)riday, (S)aturday, S(U)nday
* Credit Spring 2022
Instr: All Instructors    Subject: BIC    Course Num: All    Days: Any    Time: Any    Location: Online
 Building Inspection Technology
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[ ]13545 BIC 200 210Plumbing and Mechanical InspectionOnline
   Walterscheid, William Joseph4.0 CR – Distance Learn2525Spring Full Term Classes
   ONLINE01/18-05/15NET-Online NET