Message from the 2017 MABOI President – Jared Agee

avatar-jared-agee-2016MABOI President (2016-2017)

Jared Agee, CBO-MCP

Director, Building and Code Enforcement

County of St Charles Missouri

[email protected]

Fellow MABOI Members,

MABOI is—and always will be—an association for education.  Since 1950, a group of like-minded individuals representing the region have planned and implemented training opportunities for inspectors, plans examiners, code enforcement officers, code officials, design professionals and similar personnel.  I am very proud of the past Board of Directors and look forward to the future efforts of the new Board.


Gregory Tate–I would like to recognize Gregory Tate, President 2016, for his outstanding leadership and direction.  Gregory has been actively involved with MABOI for over a decade and has been a major part of successes during that time.  It is through this type of leadership that MABOI flourishes.

Joseph Kovac–I would like to recognize Joseph Kovac, recipient of the 2016 Al Goldman’s President Award.  Joe served as membership secretary for the past year.  The role as membership secretary is probably the most frustrating, challenging, and daunting role in the organization.  Amazingly, he offered to assume the same role in 2017.

2016 Board of Directors and Membership–Finally, I would like to recognize the Board of Directors and membership.  MABOI has received notice that our organization will be awarded a Chapter Merit award from the International Code Council this fall.  If you have the opportunity, this award will likely be mentioned at the Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, October 18th at 11:30 AM during the ICC Annual Conference in Kansas City.  

Updates on the Coming Year

Annual Conference–MABOI regularly offers an Annual Conference.  A year ago, MABOI participated in a “Mega-Conference” with other International Code Council (ICC) Chapters.  This year, MABOI opted to not have a conference to hopefully increase the opportunity for our membership to attend the ICC’s Conference and Code Hearings in Kansas City.  I am pleased to announce that in 2017, MABOI will hold an annual conference that will be different than years past.  Details related to the conference will be released in the coming months.  Please budget accordingly and plan on attending.

Grant Opportunities–MABOI designed a scholarship and grant program to assist those seeking education for their betterment, to obtain certifications, or to maintain certifications.  To fund this resource, MABOI has held annual golf tournaments, and—as a result—given away thousands of dollars toward education.  I am pleased to announce in May of 2017, MABOI will once again host a charity golf tournament.  This next year, the tournament will be held at the Bear Creek Golf Club, providing a change of scenery.

Training–MABOI has multiple training opportunities throughout the year.  In the past year and a half, we have focused on the transition from the 2009 to 2015 code sets.  These trainings complete this fall with the energy code and the swimming pool and spa code.  Next year will include some additional niche training on products and specific areas of the code; and, it will include some overview training for new staff or those that could use a refresher.  Please remember, all MABOI training is Preferred Provider with the ICC and meets the requirements to renew certifications.  If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like, please let either the education chair, Robert Poteet, or me know.

Agenda 2017

A common theme present in the past few years involved employment and training new personnel.  Many jurisdictions with MABOI members expressed their frustration at the “lack of” or the “lack of qualified” candidates applying for open positions.  

As President, it is my responsibility to provide leadership and vision for the future.  Pursuant to the bylaws of the organization, I am forming a special committee for the next year.  This new committee will have the following mission and  goals:

Mission: To specifically focus on the encouragement of new personnel to enter the industry and to provide adequate training to ensure placement and retention within the field of code enforcement.


  1. Retirees – MABOI has several former members that participated in the organization and should be encouraged to continue to be active after retirement.
  2. New People – The MABOI Directors should be composed of fresh folks interested in continuing the mission of the organization, and MABOI should provide an avenue for these new members to learn and develop into the future officers and committee members of the organization.
  3. Membership Drive – Membership is lower than in previous years and efforts should be made to encourage participation in events and membership in the organization.
  4. Documentation – Board business operations should be well documented and relayed to the future Board of Directors.
  5. Mentoring – A mentoring program should be developed to provide direction and comfort to those entering the field by pairing them with an experienced member.
  6. Education – MABOI must provide well-rounded training, including training for new personnel or those that desire to enter code enforcement.

If you are interested in participating in this new special committee, please feel free to contact me.


As an organization, all of our efforts are to encourage the success of our membership in their profession and to ensure the continued strength of the built environment through the enforcement of minimal health, safety, and welfare standards.   

For the next year, I look forward to leading the organization through those efforts.  Further, I welcome any opportunities for creative ideas or additional involvement.


Jared Agee