INTRODUCTORY Legal Aspects of Code Administration | ZOOM WEBINAR | October 21st, 2020

Please note that this seminar is part one of a two-day seminar with different topics, introduction and advanced, both related to legal aspects. This seminar is geared to basic legal aspects, the second seminar on November 19th is for advanced legal aspects.

DAY 1 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Participants will be provided guidelines for effective code administration and enforcement of the legal aspects of the code for the building code official. The following topics will be covered during the seminar: legal concepts, identifying responsible parties, gathering evidence, property law concepts, right of entry, liability preparing a case for court, and testifying effectively.

 GOAL: Participants will be able to apply effective building code administration and enforcement techniques to assist them in executing the legal aspects of their job

 Objectives: Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be better able to:

  • Recognize the complacency cycle and its effect on code enforcement and administration.
  • Apply key legal concepts.
  • Identify and trace the source of the code official’s legal authority.
  • Describe how laws originate and the building code official’s involvement in the court system.
  • Identify the responsible parties for purposes of issuing permits and notices of violation.
  • Gather evidence that substantiates a code violation.
  • Conduct inspections in a manner that complies with the Fourth Amendment.
  • Reduce exposure to liability lawsuits.
  • Explain the court process and the code official’s role in court proceedings.
  • Prepare oneself properly as a witness.

Outline of Day 1 Seminar 

  1.  Legal Concepts
  2. Responsible party
  3. Property law concepts
  4. Gathering evidence
  5. Foreclosure
  6. Right of Entry
  7. Liability
  8. Testifying Effectively/Going to Court
  9. Summary – Q&A

Instructor: Linda S. Pieczynski is a former assistant state’s attorney and former municipal prosecutor in DuPage County, Illinois.  She devotes her legal practice to teaching and writing about the legal aspects of code administration including building, property maintenance, fire and zoning codes. She conducts training nationwide for the International Code Council (ICC).  She is the author of numerous code related books including The Building Process Simplified, The Building Official’s and Inspector’s Guide to Codes, Forms and Complaints, The Residential Inspector’s Guide to Codes, Forms and Complaints, The Fire Inspector’s Guide to Codes, Forms and Complaints, and The Property Maintenance Inspector’s Guide to Codes, Forms and Complaints, all published by Cengage.  She also has served as editor of revisions to the Legal Aspects of Code Administration published by ICC.

 Who should attend: (per day)

  • Permit Technicians (CEU’s—.6)
  • Building Inspectors (CEU’s—.6)
  • Plans Examiners (CEU’s—.6)
  • Code Officials (CEU’s—.6)

Where / When:


: 8:30 am

Seminar: 9 am-4 pm


Seminar Fee single day: MABOI Members: $40

Pre-registration is required

Seminar limited to 90 people


PAYMENTS: 12685 Dorsett Rd #308, Maryland Heights, MO 63043