Job Opportunity – Inspector 1 | Ballwin, MO

C I T Y  O F  B A L L W I N                            





JOB SUMMARY:  To assist in ensuring that all new construction within the City of Ballwin meets zoning, flood plain, safety, building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code requirements, and that all existing properties are maintained and operated according to the codes and ordinances of the City of Ballwin.  To pursue both formal training and informal on the job training with the purpose of achieving a better and more complete knowledge of construction building codes, City ordinances and inspection methods.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works with other Inspectors and the Building Commissioner in the enforcement of all construction, licensing, occupancy, nuisance and zoning code regulations of the City of Ballwin.  This includes conducting on-site inspections, meeting with builders, developers and citizens with an appropriate demeanor, carrying out necessary correspondence, maintaining complete succinct and accurate files, and providing reports when requested or required on enforcement activities. Duties include:

Field inspections of all structures prior to sale and/or issuance of occupancy permits as part of the enforcement of the Housing Code and Non-Residential Building Codes of the City.  

Field inspection of all construction, both residential and commercial, including new construction, remodeling, repairs, additions and alterations, for compliance with City ordinances, codes and regulations.  Field inspections of electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations and other more complicated field inspections.  These field inspection duties will include walking, climbing and descending in roughly graded and unpaved areas around construction sites and sometimes on temporary stairs and ladders.

Prepares or oversees the production of written reports, “Notices of Violation” and court summons to achieve code compliance.  (Building, Housing, Plumbing, Mechanical, Signs, Zoning and Nuisance)

Prepares monthly reports on status of cases in the court system and appears in court to represent the City when necessary.

Assists in the maintenance of all files and records related to the performance of duties.

Handles referrals of code problems to other appropriate agencies such as St. Louis County Health and Industrial Hygiene Departments and neighboring fire districts.

Obtains additional training and education in order to gain adequate knowledge of construction codes, methods and materials with the purpose of keeping up with advances in the construction and inspection fields and advancing within the City of Ballwin Inspector Career Path Program.  


Issues permits as a backup to the Building Commissioner.

Handles research, messenger and delivery assignments for supervisor and department head as needed.

Performs other duties as required.


The minimum certification requirement for this position is the “Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector Certification” and certification in two of the four ICC Residential Inspector Exams including the Building exam.  Attainment of additional certifications specified in the Career Path Program is expected within the first two years of employment.

Knowledge of the principles, methods, practices, procedures and materials involved in construction.  Five years’ experience in the construction and inspection fields including at least 3 years in the inspection field preferred.

Oral and written communication skills sufficient to enable study of the codes and ordinances of the City, pursue training in Code Enforcement and deal with contractors, workers, and the general public in a firm, fair and tactful manner.

Ability to work within a “team” approach, keep his/her supervisor informed and complete tasks in a timely, professional manner.

A valid Missouri driver’s license and a good driving record.


Computer workstation                 Calculator                        Automobile

IPAD                                           Truck                                Telephone

Photocopier                                Cellular Telephone            Tape Measure

Electrical Tester                         Flashlight                         Level

Camera                                     Plan Scale                         Facsimile Machine


Minimum:  High School diploma or equivalent, plus certification as a property maintenance inspector and certification in 2 of the 4 Residential Inspection categories including the residential building inspection exam.

Preferred:  A minimum of 3 years of inspections experience is preferred. Additional technical training in building inspection and code enforcement, and practical experience in building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code enforcement. Related experience in construction.

Technical training or certification should be obtained through the ICC.  Experience in database and word processing computer program use.  Other equivalent combinations of education, training and experience will be considered.

We hire based on attitude and ability.  Additional training to be provided as necessary.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Considerable Inspection work out-of-doors during all seasons and weather.  This includes walking, climbing and descending in unpaved rough terrain and climbing and descending stairs and ladders in order to make inspections.  Ability to work with people in difficult situations and maintain a common sense approach in problem solving.  Employees in this position are encouraged to pursue full certification from the ICC.