Design with compliance & ISO Programs | Sybergs | September 22, 2022 | FREE!

WHEN: September 22nd, 2022 Registration: 8:30am  Class: 9:00am-4:00pm

WHERE: Sybergs 2430 Old Dorsett Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043


  • Includes: breakfast, seminar, and lunch

Lunch 12-1 with elections being held during lunch.

Baked chicken breast with white crème sauce , vegetable, and house salad.

  • Pre-registration is required
  • Seating limited to 100 people


  • Permit Technicians (CEU’s—.6)
  • Building Inspectors (CEU’s—.6)
  • Plans Examiners (CEU’s—.6)
  • Code Officials (CEU’s—.6)
  • Architects (CEU’s –6.0 AIA HSW)

Description:  This is a two-session 1/2 day presentation, morning and afternoon.

1/2 Day Course Outline: “Design with Compliance in Mind” Michael D. Crall

  1. Introduction
    1. Instructor Introduction & Background
    1. Course Overview & Expectations
  • Building Construction – Current approach Vs. Proactive                          5 Minutes Here today…Here tomorrow.
  • Define Risk:                                                                                              10 Minutes

What health care providers, facility designers, and enforcers need to know about the risk-based approach of NFPA 101.

  • Building Construction – “Design with Compliance in Mind”                 45 Minutes
    • Code referenced specifications (Division 7, 9, 26 and 27)
    • Plan Review / Life Safety Drawings / Firestop Submittals
    • Wall / Floor Construction Types / Compartmentalization
    • IBC-2012 Specialty Inspections
    • Firestop & Damper installations
    • Firestop & Door openings
  • Renovation Projects – “Construction with Compliance in Mind”           45 Minutes
    • Life Safety Drawings
    • Barrier Management
  • Wall / Floor Barriers & Integrity
  • Joints / Curtain Wall / Edge of Slab
  • Door Assemblies – Repair History
  • Damper Assemblies – Post installation damage
    • Survey / Document Review
  • ASTM E119 Temperature Melting Characteristics                                  30 Minutes
    • Metallic vs PVC
    • Fiberglass Insulation vs Mineral Wool
    • Insulated Pipes
    • Cable applications – Percent Fill
    • Electrical Boxes – Back to Back and Membrane Applications
    • Connecting Hubs, Bands & Elbows in Barrier
    • Annular Space & Tooling
    • Point of Contact – Continuous Point of Contact
    • Top of Wall
    • Curtain Wall / Edge of Slab
  • Firestop Installation, Inspection, 3rd Party Testing and Burn Videos                   30Minutes
  • Firestop Installation / Annular Space / Tooling
    • Firestop Inspection / UL System Verification
    • UL Test Methods & ASTM E814 Burn Videos
    • Firestop Training – Accreditation / Certification

Course Wrap-Up

Instructor: Michael Crall


Michael Crall is a Field Engineer – Central North America for Specified Technologies Inc.
STI is a global firestop manufacturer located in New Jersey with engineering offices in NJ
and OK. Michael’s experience includes 30 years in IBC / NFPA Compliance Standards,
Barrier Management Strategies, healthcare facility audits and has been providing AIA /
BICSI and various state approved presentations for over 25 years; please find the
attached professional references.

Michael currently sits on various building code, regulatory committees and building code
roundtables facilitating technical presentations to architect, building code official, fire
marshal and construction trades for continuing education. Michael has partnered with
healthcare facility owners to assess and design proactive barrier management
compliance programs. When provided an opportunity to present CEU programs, the
content is historical and code based, along with industry examples found during building
construction or healthcare facility surveys.

2nd 1/2 Day course subject: ISO Programs – How your building code and fire prevention departments impact P/C Insurance, FEMA Grants, and the NFIP

Dale K. Thomure, CBO, CFM

Manager –Community Hazard Mitigation

Verisk – Underwriting Solutions

Mr. Thomure is a Manager of Community Hazard Mitigation at Verisk. In this capacity he is responsible for the implementation of the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) in North America.  Mr. Thomure is a recognized subject-matter expert in the field of building code enforcement practices and is a frequent speaker on building code related topics.

Prior to his tenure at ISO, Mr. Thomure worked for nearly 20 years in municipal government management having responsibilities for Community Development, Public Works and Building Code Administration.