Construction Blueprint Reading | St. Louis Community College | January 2023

Spring 2023 College Course

The St. Louis Community College is hoping to offer their “Construction Blueprint Reading” course starting January 2023.

The class is slated to be held at the Forest Park Campus, 5600 Oakland Ave. [ Tuesdays, starting Jan. 17, at 5:00 p.m., in Room 316 in F-Tower, taught by Rich Unger, former Program Coordinator ] pending a minimum enrollment of 8 students.

This is essential knowledge for all building inspectors.  Although this course is normally no longer offered due to the termination of two of the school’s former programs:  Construction Management, and Building Inspection/Code Enforcement, it is now under consideration – per a special request.

This class will only be available if we can get sufficient students to commit to enrollment before the end of October 2022, when course offerings must go online.

If anyone is willing to commit to taking this course, please email Joe Kovac:  [email protected]  as soon as possible.