Board of Directors Slate- 2021

Members, below are the board members up for re-election in 2021. The vote will be held at our annual free conference at Sybergs, information soon to follow.

MABOI Board of Directors -Slate 2021

“Preliminary” MABOI Board of Directors-Slate 2021

President                                  Neil Fick        **

Vice President                       Robert Poteet

Executive Secretary           Dale Nicolas                **

Recording Secretary        William Penney                            

Membership Secretary     Jeff Center                   **

Treasurer                             Jeff Carter                    

Past President                    Eric Powers                     

Director                               Matt Whitwell             **

Director                                Tim Jeffries                                                 

Director                               Todd Goldman              **

Director                                Mark Zaiontz                **

Director                                Chris Gaw                      **

Director                                Chris Schlumm