MABOI Fall Conference additional news and announcements

The members of the MABOI Board of Directors are pleased to announce some additional details of the 50th annual MABOI fall conference. We hope that you take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities and hope to see you all there!

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We have confirmed the ICC President, William Bryant, will be at our conference and addressing the banquet, come show your support for our industry.

The classes are a new hybrid / comprehensive approach to the IRC / IBC and will take the attendees through plan review and field inspections. Be one of the first to experience the new approach.

Meals are provided from Friday breakfast through Sunday brunch.

There are 16 potential training hours Thursday through Saturday.

If you have ever wondered what the MABOI board members do or maybe interested in a committee or board position, stop by and attend the Director’s meeting in the hospitality room on Friday evening, the meeting and room are open to all conference attendees.