2015 International Fire Code Essentials | Sprinkler Fitters Union Local 268 | November 29, 2017

This seminar will introduce the application of the International
Fire Code (IFC) administrative requirements, occupancy classification,
general precautions against fire, emergency planning
and preparedness, fire service features, interior finish,
decorative materials and furnishings, fire protection systems,
means of egress, and provide an introduction to hazardous materials.
Activities and discussions will further enhance participant


Learning objectives:

  1. Identify how the IFC addresses hazardous materials.
  2. Explain the fundamental provisions of the IFC.
  3. Describe the intent and scope of the IFC.
  4. Identify common fire hazards and understand how the IFC addresses correction, or elimination, of the hazards.
  5. Identify how life safety and fire protection issues are addressed in
    building design and construction.

Instructor: John Swanson

John has worked in the fire prevention industry at both the state and local
level for nearly 15 years. He is currently employed with the Minnesota
State Fire Marshal Division as a School Inspector/Plans Examiner,
where he is responsible for reviewing fire alarm system drawings
for most of the public schools in the state of Minnesota. He currently
represents the MN State Fire Marshal on several state and national
code development committees; including NFPA 72, NFPA 10, the Minnesota
State Fire Chiefs Code Committee, the Minnesota State Fire Marshal
Division fire code variance review panel, and the Minnesota Construction
Codes and Licensing Division Accessibility Review
Board. John also serves as a contract instructor for the International
Code Council and the National Fire Academy.

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