Understanding Lightweight Construction, Its Impact on Fire Services, Firestopping, and Fire Alarm Notification Code Changes

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Understanding Lightweight Construction, Its Impact on Fire Services, Firestopping, and Fire Alarm Notification Code Changes


Please join us for a free education seminar hosted by Tech and presented by our special guest speakers from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). In this full-day seminar, you will learn about lightweight construction and its impact on the fire service.  We will also cover code requirements of firestopping and tools to fully understand proper firestopping. After lunch, we will then review the trends in notification devices, changes in the code, and the research being done that will bring changes to the notification technologies as we know them today.


  • Lightweight Construction
    • Lightweight Construction Changes
    • Findings on the Test Results on Lightweight Construction
    • Impact on Fire Services
  • Firestopping
    • What is Firestopping and Proper Firestopping?
    • Importance of Fire Stopping
    • Code Requirements of Assemblies
    • Tools and Guides for Accessing Specifications on Firestop Systems
  • Lunch
  • Low Frequency Notification
    • Low Frequency (520 Hz) Notification
    • What Has Prompted the Changes to Use 520Hz?
    • Smoke Alarms with Voice
    • Intelligibility in Emergency Communication Systems
  • Notification Technologies
    • LED vs. Xenon Strobes
    • History of the Current Requirements
    • Research Being Done
    • 2016 NFPA 72 Revisions


Richard Walke | Underwriters Laboratories
Senior Regulatory Engineer – Codes and Advisory Services Department

Rich is a Senior Regulatory Engineer with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in Northbrook, IL.  His responsibilities include providing fire protection related technical support to the regulatory community, providing educational seminars, developing internet based training programs, interacting on code change activities and serving as a liaison between the UL engineering staff and the regulatory community.  Prior to this assignment, Rich was actively engaged in fire protection engineering for 29 years.  He provided the supervisory and review activities of engineering investigations conducted on fire resistive construction, through-penetration firestop systems, joint systems, perimeter fire containment systems, fire resistive electrical outlet boxes, electrical circuit protections systems, fire resistive grease and air ducts systems, interior finish building materials, air duct materials and solid fuel heating appliances.

Rich received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Valparaiso University in 1976.  He is currently a Certified Quality Engineer with the American Society for Quality Control.
Dan Grosch | Underwriters Laboratories
Dan has been working for UL 37 years, all in fire alarm detection and notification. He is a technical member of NFPA 72 on the chapter for notification appliances and was involved in process of adding the 520 Hz requirement into both NFPA 72 and the UL product Standards. Dan is also involved in the technical task groups for UL and NFPA to look at LED strobe notification.

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