IBC Plan Review 1 | Forest Park Community College

We are looking to get 10 students who are willing to register and take this class prior to Friday in order to keep the class on the calendar.

“Plan Review I”,  aka Non-Structural Plan Review, covers the first ten chapters of the I.B.C., which is vital information for any inspector to know.  It will be held at the Forest Park campus, on a night still to be determined.  It will probably not be on a Monday since that is the night the Blueprint Reading class will be held at their Florissant Valley campus.

Since the Building Inspection degree program has been eliminated from the curriculum, there is little possibility for most prerequisites to be met in order to register.  Those who need them overridden can get that from the new program coordinator.  If we can get the needed ten (10), We can give you more instructions on that later.

Please contact [email protected]   for registration or more information.

I prefer email responses for better recordkeeping and subsequent contact.  But if you want to ask me questions, you can call my office at (314) 622-5652 (late mornings are usually best).