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As you likely have noticed, got a remodel with the recent MABFO Mega-Conference.  With the new website came some new updated tools in the background.  MABOI is working to ensure those tools are working correctly.  Until completed, you may see posts in e-mailed newsletters, the site, and the Facebook items at weird times or multiple times a day. We apologize for any inconvenience as we labor to improve our delivery methods to membership.  Thanks.

Thanks for Attending the 2015 MABFO Education Conference (AKA the Mega-Conference)

For those of you that had the opportunity, thank you for attending the Missouri Association of Building and Fire Officials (MABFO) 2015 Education Conference (the “mega-conference”).  MABOI was one of the multiple organizations providing the event, and we were pleased with the success.  We hope you went home with great contacts and some new knowledge.




Special thanks to Dominic Sims, CEO of International Code Council (ICC), and Alex “Cash” Olszowy III, Vice President of the ICC Board of Directors for the keynote speeches at the conference.

MABOI Booth 2

Left to Right – Jared Agee, Dominic Sims, Alex “Cash” Olszowy III, and Robert “RJ” Poteet III


Vendor exhibition hall before opening

Vendor exhibition hall before opening


After a keynote speaker

After a keynote speaker


After a keynote speaker

After a keynote speaker


We hope to see you October 16–18, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri.


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Slate of Candidates for 2016

MABOI has received nominations for the 2016 Board of Directors:

President: Gregory Tate

Vice President: Jared Agee

Executive Secretary: Matthew Whitwell

Recording Secretary: Robert Poteet III

Membership Secretary:  Joe Kovac

Treasurer: Roger Stewart (for one-year term)

Director:  Eric Powers

Director: Leo Schwartz

Director: Bart Alspaugh

Director: William Penney (1 year to complete Joe Kovac’s term)

Proposed MABOI ByLaw Changes

maboi-logoThe MABOI Board of Directors voted during the June 2015 to approve a proposed revision of the ByLaws of the organization.  The next step is a vote by membership, which will be held during lunch at the September 17, 2015 election.

The following outlines the major proposed changes:

  1. Expanding the method of providing notice
  2. Expansion of the duties of the Auditing Committee
  3. Creating a Technology Committee
  4. Modernizing some language and abilities
  5. Clarification of confusing or contradictory language
  6. Changing some dates to better reflect current strategies

A complete copy of the by-laws showing changes can be found at the following link:

MABOI Constitution and ByLaws – Proposed Revision 2015

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